Photos: archive of the building

Address: Ronalda Reagana 1122, Praha 6
Year: 2010
Architects: John Eisler

The residential complex 12 LOFTS has been successfully integrated in the historic housing development of the Bubeneč district and it closely neighbors the Neo-Baroque residence of the US Ambassador from 1920s (Otto Petschka villa) and the culturally protected Lannova Villa from the end of the 19th century.

The generous complex is composed of three buildings connected with a ground floor podium, in which the entrance hall, reception, parking spaces, and building facilities are located. The roof of the podium is covered with greenery and is designed with a lush terrace with fountains. Small ponds with fountains and a shared garden are also found between the buildings.

Every building has four loft-style apartments. The upper two are connected, creating a duplex. The highest floor apartments have terraces on three sides, giving them a pent-house layout. The inner layout is varied and can be adjusted according to the wishes of the owner. The facade is white béton brut, aluminum, and glass.

This residential complex built by HOCHTIEF company and designed by the renowned architect John Eisler is living proof that contemporary architecture can symbiotically co-exist with a traditional housing development. The complex received a Certificate of Merit for a New Building at the Architecture Grand Prix in 2011.