Danube House – kanceláře společnosti Ackee [Danube House – Ackee Offices]

company offices (10th floor)

Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Archive of Ackee Offices

Transport: metro B – Florenc nebo Křižíkova; tram 3, 8 – Karlínské náměstí; boat Hol Ka
Visiting Method: group tours of limited size
doprovodný programa lecture by architects working on the project (Sat, Sun 3 p.m.)Toaletyvýhledy

Address: Karolinská 650/1, Praha 8
Year: 2017
Architects: VZ Architects – Jakub Zoula and Zuzana Řepíková

The office premises of the Ackee technology company in the Danube House in Prague‘s Karlín district are a rare example of a satisfactory collaboration between architect and client, where employees were also directly consulted. Come to check how the VZ Architects studio succeeded in bringing the ideas of a modern office interior to life for a growing Czech developer company.