Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (AVU)

library and selected art studios

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Building's Archive

Transport: tram (Letenské náměstí)
Visiting Method: free entry
doprovodný programcommented tour with J. Kotalík Sat 4 p.m.bezbariérový přístupToaletyobčerstveníkulturní památka

Address: U Akademie 172/4, Praha 7-Bubeneč
Year: 1897–1903; 1995–1999 (restoration)
Architects: Václav Roštlapil; Karel Rulík (restoration)

The academy’s main building primarily owes its creation to its patron Josef Hlávek, who made it possible for architect Václav Roštlapil to take an inspirational journey around European art schools. Roštlapil created a grand and timeless concept of a school with a clear operations management and, in terms of technology, with perfect glass-walled ateliers. You will be able to look inside the ateliers, as well as the assembly hall and library, which were designed by Jan Kotěra. Dive into the Montmartre-like atmosphere of Letná and get carried away by the artistic genius loci of the academy standing by Stromovka Park.