Tenement house by architect Kamil Roškot

Photos: Leona Telínová

Address: Čechova 29, Praha 7-Bubeneč
Year: 1925; 1936 (reconstruction); 2010–2011 (reconstruction)
Architects: Kamil Roškot; Ladislav Machoň

If you are interested in the architecture of the period between the two World Wars, join us in the apartment building in Bubeneč, which nowadays is home to the Smiling Baby School and the Smiling Baby Spa Clinic. Its architect, Kamil Roškot, built it in a modern style, which has significantly eluded the then prevailing decorative style. Take a look at the very well reconstructed interiors of the house, where many famous personalities, such as architect Jan Gočár, lived in the past. Zdeněk Lukeš also spent his childhood there and it is he who will guide you around on one of the commented tours. For more information, see the Accompanying Program section.