Ďáblice Observatory

exhibition hallway, lecture (projection) hall, both domes

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Building's Archive

Transport: metro (Ládví) from there bus 103 (Květnová)
Visiting Method: tours of a limited size (25 people per group)
doprovodný programEvery hour a short projection (Last projection 5 p.m.) + visiting both domes and under clear sky observation with the telescopesbezbariérový přístupToaletyvýhledy

Address: Pod Hvězdárnou 768, Praha 8-Ďáblice
Year: 1956 (exhibition hallway, east dome, small office); 1960 (new office, west dome, connection hall)
Architects: Miloslav Wimmer

Prague’s second observatory, which stands on the edge of Ďáblice Grove, boasts a wonderful view over its close surroundings, and in case of good visibility, you can even see as far as where the border mountains lie. Maybe you will be surprised to find out that less than one kilometer away from there stands the oldest apartment building in Prague (located in the street U Prefy 771). And it was exactly the forty pieces of panels left over from the construction of that building that were used by a group of astronomy enthusiasts in the 1950s to build this observatory on a nearby hillock. Today, it offers a rich program that includes not only lectures on the topic of astronomy, natural sciences, or traveling but also movie nights and observations of the Sun and the sky at night. Come take a look around!