Ďáblice Cemetery

cemetery area

Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Leona Telínová, Building's archive

Transport: tram (Třebenická) / bus (Ďáblický hřbitov)
Visiting Method: free entry
bezbariérový přístupToaletykulturní památka

Address: Ďáblická 564/2a, Praha 8-Střížkov
Year: 1912–1914 (founding); 2005 (ceremonial hall)
Architects: Vlastislav Hofman, Marie Švábová and others

The large cemetery in the northern part of Prague, decorated with typically Czech cubist architecture, has been recently partially renovated. Guided tours offer not only a peaceful walk through this heritage-protected area, but also a number of interesting reminders of our recent history, which must never be forgotten.