Desfours Palace

representative circuit

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Building's archive

Transport: metro C (Florenc) / tram (Masarykovo nádraží)
Visiting Method: group tours of limited size (20 persons)
doprovodný programtours in a cooperation with Prázdné domy initiativekulturní památkaprohlídky pro neslyšícíkatalog OHP

Address: Na Florenci 1023/19 a 21, Praha 1-Nové Město
Year: 1845–1847
Architects: Josef Kranner

The now empty building on the corner of Na Florenci street has been under heritage protection for sixty years already. A fast walker might not pay any attention to this building which at first glance seems unremarkable. However, it hides artistically very valuable interiors. Come and see for yourself the luxurious marble staircases, stained glass and painted ceilings. It would be great if the dilapidated building was finally reconstructed. Its future use will be decided by its owner, the Capital City of Prague.