groundfloor, reception, parking, utility rooms, 1st floor, 3rd floor, terraces

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: archiv Saint Gobain, archiv Crestyl –

Transport: metro / tram (Palmovka)
Visiting Method: group tours of a limited size – 20 with a guide
bezbariérový přístupexcept for the terracesZákaz foceníallowed except for the utility roomsToaletyobčerstvenívýhledy

Address: Smrčkova 2485/4, Praha 8-Libeň
Year: 2017
Architects: Jan Schindler, Jakub Murla

A new administrative and residential quarter, which is to be used not only for work and housing but also for relaxation and sport, has been progressively growing in the place of a former dock in Libeň. In the future, the premises will include a new park, marina, floating restaurant located right on surface of the water, and a tartan running track. The DOCK IN TWO project follows the first construction phase around two blind branches of the Vltava river and creates a unique, cascade-sectioned, green building whose concept relates to the industrial history of the place. Thanks to its pleasant and healthy working environment, the use of new technologies and construction materials, and the economy and energy efficiency of its operation, the building holds the prestigious LEED Gold certificate for projects that are sustainable in the long term. We invite you  to take a tour that will introduce you to the concept of an environment-friendly building. You will also visit the offices of the Saint-Gobain company which has its seat here.