Photos: Dušan Vondra, Building's archive (Filip Šlapal), Petr Jehlík

Address: Národní 135/14, Praha 1-Nové Město
Year: 2012–2017
Architects: Stanislav Fiala

At the corner of Národní and Mikulandská streets there was a parking lot for many years. An empty spot witnessed the arrival of the Soviet tanks in 1968 and also the police intervention against the demonstrators on November 17, 1989. After more than fifty years, a building again went up here. The new house refers to the greenery that grows on it at all levels already in its name DRN (which means `tuft` in Czech). A unique approach to historic preservation in the city center, an emphasis on the quality of the newly created public space or the original interior design with artistic interventions makes it an extraordinary palace-like new building of the 21st century. Reactions to this very contrasting building are still differing, so come to create your own opinion.