Evangelic Cemetery in Strašnice

cemetery, chapel

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Funeral home of the capital city of Prague's Archive

Transport: tram (Krematorium Strašnice)
Visiting Method: free entry
bezbariérový přístup

Address: Vinohradská 1505/161, Praha 10-Strašnice
Year: end of the 18th century; 1893 (conversion); 1912 (chapel); 2007–2015 (reconstruction)
Architects: original unknown; chapel by Adolf Foehr; reconstruction by CHS Praha

A memorable site with ancient tombstones of important German-speaking inhabitants of Prague, a small oasis of peace in the middle of a lively metropolis and scene of a love story of a homeless couple in the documentary Love in a Grave by the director David Vondráček: this is the forgotten Evangelical cemetery in Strašnice, which survived various attempts to remove it and after many years underwent a sensitive renovation. The original character of the funeral architecture has been preserved and 15 tombstones are listed as a cultural monument and you can also find inner peace in the shade of mature lime trees.