Expo 58 – Havas headquarters

Photos: archiv budovy, Leona Telínová

Address: Letenské sady 1500/80, Praha 7-Holešovice
Year: 1957–1958; 1997 (reconstruction)
Architects: František Cubr, Josef Hrubý and Zdeněk Pokorný

The visually distinct building, originally a restaurant within the so-called „Brussels Pavilion“ of 1958 on the outskirts of Letná, draws attention at first glance with its timeless looks. Since the Czech exposition in Brussels received extraordinary appreciation and highest awards, it was decided that individual parts of the exhibition would be moved back to Czechoslovakia. This was possible thanks to the original demountable design and construction of individual buildings. Step inside, learn about the history of this successful building celebrating its 60th anniversary and, on top of it, enjoy the unforgettable views of Prague!