Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague

Photos: Lukáš Žentel, Milan Jaroš (archiv OHP), Building's Archive

Address: Karlovo náměstí 13, Praha 2-Nové Město
Year: 1872–1875
Architects: Ignatius Ullmann; CUBOID ARCHITEKTI, s. r. o. – Magdalena Pappová, Aleš Papp and Milan Vít

Since 1874 the seat of the Czech Technical University in Prague has been in the former Monastery of Knights of the Cross with the Red Star. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering housed here is the oldest in the Czech Republic. This year you will also be able to pass through the auditoriums and the attics of the historical buildings to reach the roofs. The laboratory of the Department of Aerospace Engineering is also inviting technical gourmets to visit.