How to enjoy the festival

Is there an admission fee for the festival?

To be truly open for all, there is free admission for the festival. Entrance to all buildings, participation in accompanying events and sheets for small architects are free of charge. However, the festival costs money and only part of the costs are covered by public grants. We will be pleased and it will be helpful, if you support Open House Prague by purchasing a printed catalog for CZK 50. If you like the festival, you can also support us by purchasing a T-shirt for CZK 290 or a cloth bag for CZK 100.

We will greatly appreciate a direct financial contribution, which you can send to account number 2600626911/2010 or via Darujme.cz online gate. Your contribution will help us organize the festival again next year. Thank you.

Are there any previous registrations to enter buildings?

Access to almost all buildings is possible without previous online registrations. The only exception is a tour of the technological facilities in the Main Point Karlín building, which is only allowed to visitors over 15 years of age. The registration possibility is over, capacities are full at the moment.

Are there any previous registrations for extra programs?

No previous online registration is needed for the extra programs that we have prepared together with architects, professionals, building managers or owners. The only exception are commented tours with Mr. Bezouška Between Two Railways (register via email bezouska@zap.cd.cz).

However, some commented tours have limited capacity. We thus recommend you come half an hour before the tour and register by our volunteer.

When is it open?

Most of the houses are open on both weekend days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. But rather, find the information at the description of each object, because there are exceptions.

Are there also tours in English?

Our trained English speaking volunteers’ team will be available at four buildings.

Attention – change!

Clam-Gallace Palace (tours on both weekend days)
DRN (tours on Saturday)
Prague Creative Center (tours on both weekend days)
Port X (tours on both weekend days)

In case of other buildings, it is upon the decision of volunteers or the personnel if they feel to be able to provide also tours in English. Most of our volunteers are very willing to help. In any case, basic information in English is provided on the web page of the festival.

Why aren’t all the buildings open both weekend days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.?

The owners, tenants and administrators of the buildings open their objects based on their free decision and at their own costs. Some manage to open only one day due to e.g. lack of personnel or the need to run the building. We respect their conditions and are very thankful for their participation in the festival, be it for the first time or repeatedly.

How are the visits of the buildings organised?

Some of the buildings are freely accessible, you can walk through them at your own pace. In most of them tours are organized into groups of different sizes, which will be handled either continuously according to capacities or at a predetermined hour. The size of the groups is the result of an agreement with the building owners, so please respect this constraint. Only in this way will we succeed in repeated cooperation and we can promise to make buildings available in the years to come.

In each building, you will be welcomed by our volunteers and co-workers who will take you through the open parts of the building and answer your questions. Please follow their instructions and keep only in confined spaces. We ask you to behave like a visit, not to threaten the safety of yours or others, and to be considerate. Otherwise, the organizers reserve the right to show you from the tour.

Where can I get complete information about the building?

You can find detailed information about all the open buildings in the printed catalog, which is sold for CZK 50. In the catalog, there is an entire page dedicated to each building, which includes a long version of the building’s vignette, the address information, building architects, the form of accessibility, as well as the availability of toilets, refreshments, accompanying events etc. The list of building in the catalogue is sorted out according to districts they belong to including the map, which may help you to create your own tour. The catalog is available only in Czech.

Why is the separate printed map not available this year?

This year the festival is going to open a record number of 65 buildings. To make the planning of your festival route easier, we decided to classify the buildings in the catalog into seven areas. You will find a map cut-out with each area, this time on an unusual base – the ‘schwarzplan’, which is loved especially by architects and urbanists. The specific and the brilliance of this projection is that it reduces the topographic elements only to two types of areas: the built-up areas are in black, and the non-built-up areas are in white. This results in what can sometimes even look as an abstract depiction of the actual structure of a certain town or place. The first encounter with the schwarzplan is not always easy, but it is worth the try. To make the orientation easier for you for the first time, we also added water areas and larger green areas into the maps. We hope you enjoy exploring the city from a different perspective!

How am I supposed to get oriented in this amount of buildings?

We prepared a new option on our website that allows you to filter the buildings by various criteria (opening times, types of buildings, type of city districts, taking pictures, views etc.) so that you do not get lost in the packed program. You can plan your own weekend route by using the function ‘My maps’ on our partner’s website www.mapy.cz, which you can do no later than one week before the festival. If you want to see which buildings we recommend that you visit, you can look in the section Thematic circuits.

Why is there not the festival application this year?

Due to financial reasons, we had to withdraw from the mobile application. However, we tried to improve our website to make your way through the festival easier. During the weekend, there will also be a chat available on the website, where you can share your impressions and tips with other visitors.

Where can I find you when I need advice?

From May 14th, you can visit us at two Festival InfocentersCenter for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) or Prague Creative Center (PCC), where we will be happy to answer your questions. On weekdays, CAMP (Vyšehradská 51, Praha 2-Nové Město) will be opened from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and PCC (Malé náměstí 9, Praha 1-Staré Město) from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. During the festival weekend both infocenters open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. You can also ask us on the Facebook event, or call us on the phone number (+420) 606 372 327, which will be available from Tuesday May 14th.

Where can I get the printed catalog?

You can get the catalogue at our Festival Infocenters. From May 14th, you can visit us either at Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) or Prague Creative Center (PCC). Catalogues will be also available at 9 buildings –TESLA Premises, Clam-Gallas Palace, DELTA, Hotel International Prague, Invalidovna (Hotel des Invalides), Křižík II Palace – headquarters for Seznam.cz, Steam Mills – Offices of Etnetera, QUADRIO and CETIN.

Where can I buy festival souvenirs?

Festival T-shirts and cloth-bags with the motive of selected buildings can be bought already since May 14th in both Infocenters.

Are there professionally commented building tours?

It is up to the owners or tenants of the buildings whether they give you a comment during a tour or not. Festival volunteers provide the opening of buildings in organizational respect, some of them conduct guided tours with basic information about the building. It is not their job to provide expert information about the building. The festival is aimed at the general public. Yet we asked some architects to provide commented tours as part of the Extra program.

Why don’t you do anything about these long queues?

The queues are part of the Open House everywhere it takes place. It opens unique buildings which are of interest for many people and it provides sometimes a unique opportunity to visit these buildings once a year. The queues are usually not so long that it would be impossible to wait. Take them as an opportunity to get in touch with other waiting in line. Share with your neighbours interesting tips and recommendations on where to go and which building is especially interesting for you. Also, please be considerate of people with reduced mobility, the elderly, pregnant women and mothers with strollers and give them preference when entering the building.

How long are the group tours in the buildings?

The tours take usually 20–50 minutes, depending on the length of the tour and the presentation provided by the owners or tenants or tour volunteers.

Is it possible to take pictures in the buildings?

The conditions for taking pictures are different in each building. You can find the information in the presentation of the building in the catalogue or on the web.

Are some of the buildings barrier-free?

The accessibility of the buildings is very variable. You can find information on accessibility in the presentation of the building in the catalogue or on the web.

What program do you offer for children?

You can also filter the buildings on our website by their offers of programs for children. By the entrance of some buildings, our volunteers will offer all curious children a piece of a playful sheet for little architects. We also prepared ‘festival diaries’ that children can complete during the weekend. Children can newly also look inside some buildings during special commented tours. You can find more information in the section Program for children. Note: the program for children is available only in Czech language.

Do you offer some information about the buildings for the deaf?

In cooperation with students of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, we newly prepared four commented tours with translation to Czech sign language in two buildings (Clam-Gallace Palace, DRN). There is no need to book these tours in advance. You can find more information in the section Extra program.


How can I become a volunteer?

It is really easy! You can write to volunteer coordinator Klára’s e-mail address klara.vesela@openhousepraha.cz at any time and she will provide you with all the necessary information. Volunteers perform various roles such as promoting the festival, organizing of open buildings operation, guiding, etc. It depends on how much energy you want to dedicate to the festival and what task you will feel good about. In addition to a great feeling, you will surely gain unrepeatable experience. Volunteers will receive a festival T-shirt and a voucher to Bageterie Boulevard. We welcome volunteers of all ages both Czech or English speaking.

How can I support Open House Prague?

We will be glad if you support the festival financially by sending of any amount gift to account 2600626911/2010 (Fio banka) or via Darujme.cz secure online gate. These resources will be used for production of catalogues and promotional materials, work of specialized professions, volunteer support, management, administration, operation, etc. We appreciate a gift in any amount! Learn more about financial aid HERE. We will also appreciate even small support such as the purchase of the festival catalog for CZK 50 or the festival T-shirt for CZK 290 / a cloth bag for CZK 100. Of course, we will also welcome you as volunteers.

Can I send you a tip for a building to open next year?

If you want to register a previously unconnected building, which you own or have it for rent or under management in the Open House Prague 2019, use the online form to do it. If you want to recommend an interesting building you would like to visit next time, please write us your tip at email produkce@openhousepraha.cz. For the program we choose buildings that represent Prague architecture of different times, designed by important architects or in certain architectural styles or buildings that bring special architectural experience to visitors.

Who organizes Open House Prague?

The non-profit organization Open House Praha, z. ú. (registered association), which has been licensed by the Open House concept founder Victoria Thornton from London, is behind the festival. The festival has taken place there since 1992. Eva Jiřičná, an architect of Czech origin, who has been at the beginning of the Open House in London and has been part of it for nearly 20 years, holds the patronage of the Prague festival. Every year, the festival is being prepared for you by a small team of enthusiasts who work on it as volunteers and in their free time. We are working to include Open House Prague among the important events of Prague cultural life.