Governor’s Summer Palace

Photos: Lea Procházková Matvijová

Address: Královská obora 56, Praha 7-Bubeneč
Year: 14th century (foundation); turn of the 15th and 16th century (conversion in the Jagellon time); after 1580 (conversion during the reign of Rudolf II.); 1803–1821 (Neogothic conversion)
Architects: originally smelting works of Benedikt Rejt; Ulrico Aostalli (1580); Jiří Fischer and Alois Palliardi (Neogothic conversion)

Originally a hunting lodge, later a summer residence for the Prague Deputy Emperors has been looking down on the Royal Game Park since the late Middle Ages. The Summer House was rebuilt several times during its history until its quite romantic present-day Neo-Gothic appearance from the beginning of the 19th century. Have you also always wondered what it looks like inside? So climb with us up the original Gothic staircase in the prismatic tower and look into spaces today used as a depository and library of the National Museum, which just celebrates 200 years since its inception.