Great Strahov Stadium

western and eastern grandstands

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Radomír Kočí

Transport: bus (Stadion Strahov)
Visiting Method: free entry – western grandstand, group tours of a limited size (30 people) – eastern grandstand
bezbariérový přístuponly western grandstandToaletyobčerstvenívýhledykulturní památka

Address: Zátopkova 100/2, Praha 6-Břevnov
Year: 1926; 1930–1932 (western grandstand); 1938–1948 (northern and southern grandstands); 1955 (grandstand extension); 1960 (visitor pavilions); 1962–1975 (eastern grandstand); 2002 (training centre conver
Architects: Ludvík Čížek (design); Alois Dryák (western grandstand); Ferdinand Balcárek, Karel Kopp (northern and southern grandstands); Jiří Kroha grandstand extension); František Cubr, Josef Hrubý (visitor pavilions); Olivier Honke-Houfka, Zdeněk Kuna, Zdeněk Stupka (eastern grandstand)

A giant, well-known yet scary place, a cultural monument. A place where Adolf Hitler celebrated his birthday, where the Spartakiads – the mass gymnastics events – took place, where the Rolling Stones performed, or where the pope himself held a Mass. The biggest stadium in the world will open its gates for one weekend of the year and remind you of the gripping story related to its creation. The story started more than a 100 years ago when one member of the Sokol movement Alois Dryák, who also happened to be an architect, came up with the idea of a sports park and a new place for holding the Sokol festival…