Gymnázium Jana Keplera – sportovní hala [Jan Kepler High School – sports hall]

Photos: Daniela Dostálková, Jan Kuděj

Address: Parléřova 2, Praha 6
Year: 2009
Architects: SPORADICAL – Aleš Kubalík, Josef Kocián, Jakub Našinec and Veronika Sávová

The Functionalist building of the gymnasium, finished in 1932 according to the plans of the Building Authority of Prague, bears the name of the important physicist and mathematician Johannes Kepler since 1971. It stands above the former Kurz House, where the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe used to live and where he collaborated with Kepler. The Functionalist building has a T-shaped ground plan and is divided into two wings. The new sports hall was added to the western wing of the building and has a simple rectangular shape and béton brut facade. It encloses the school courtyard and compliments a similar character and colour scheme as the Functionalist building. The roof and the frontispiece will gradually become covered with greenery. The eastern and western sides have large glass windows and to prevent overheating, the windows are covered with sunshades. A terrace was created on the roof with an entrance from the historic library in the older building. The washrooms and cloakrooms are located in the older building and the hall is only used for sport activities. It has a special PVC floor and acoustic paneling on the walls.