Is registration required?

You don´t have to register to visit our buildings. However, the extra programme may require an advance registration. All information can be found in the festival guide or on our website.

Yourself or with a guide?

Some of the buildings are freely accessible and you can walk through them at your own pace. In most buildings, however, tours are organized into groups of different sizes, which will be handled either continuously or at a predetermined hour. The size of the groups depends on the agreement with the building owners. Please respect this constraint so we can successfully and repeatedly cooperate with the buildings in the years to come.

Some tours are guided by our volunteers, some by building owners or managers themselves. Please, be aware of the fact that our volunteers are not professional architects but they have been provided with several training sessions and learnt a lot of information about particular buildings from their own sources. However, there are professional guided tours led by architects whom we asked to help us out in their free time.

Like last year, we offer commented tours interpreted into Czech sign language and there will be tours in English. For more information see the Extra activities section.

How to plan your own touring circuit?

At this festival, you are your own guides as you know best what kind of buildings and spaces you are interested in. This year you can choose from 80 historic palaces, modern business buildings and interiors, as well as technical monuments. Many of the buildings have already been involved in the festival before so if you have not managed to visit them yet, you can do so this time.

Our website enables to filter through the programme according to various criteria and during the festival weekend you can visit our festival chat on our website where you can share your impressions and practical advice with other visitors. Plan your own weekend tour by using “My maps” available at or in a relevant mobile app (with texts also in English).

When is it open?

Owners of the buildings joined the festival on a voluntary basis. That’s why they decide whether to make their premises available for the whole weekend or just for one day. Most buildings will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Yet, we recommend to check out for the exact time at the description of each building because there may be exceptions.

Where to find information?

From May 13 you can find us at the festival infopoint at the City Hall Houses (Malé náměstí 7, Prague 1). Every workday of this week from 10 a.m. to 6. p.m. and at the weekend from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. we will be happy to answer your questions. Complete information about all buildings can be found in the festival guide (CZK 150) which can be bought at the infopoint and in selected buildings (see below), but only in Czech. The English information is available on our website or in “My maps” available at or in a relevant mobile app.

In case that any questions arise please do not hesitate to ask our volunteers – they will be wearing festival color T-shirts. 

Where can I buy festival souveniers?

From May 13th, all souveniers can be bought at the festival infopoint at Malé náměstí 7, Prague 1. Some souveniers and the festival guide you can get during the festival weekend in these buildings: CAMP, Desfours Palace, The House of Agricultural Education, Hotel International Praha, Hrzán Palace, Filadelfie, Vlna Comunity Centre in Ďáblice, Dunaj Palace, Quadrio, Visionary and Central Telecommunication Building CETIN.

Long queues?

Queues are part of the Open House festival all over the world but usually they are not unbearable. Take the opportunity and share with your neighbours a series of interesting tips and recommendations on where to go and which building is especially interesting for you. Also, please behave with consideration to people with reduced mobility or handicap, elderly people, pregnant women and mothers with strollers and let them enter the building preferentially. Do not hesitate to ask our volunteers how long you will have to queue if you don´t find this information elsewhere.

Where to take the children?

This year, again, we invite you to our special commented tours with entertaining sheets for little architects available at the entrance to selected buildings. In cooperation with our partners we have prepared a lego workshop in the CAMP building. There is also a special diary for little architects available, a so-called architektoníček, which children can fill out during the weekend. A novelty is a festival diary into which children (but not just them) can stick collected stickers relating to selected buildings. For more information see the separate section called Children´s programme.

Where can I enter?

In each building, you will be welcomed by our volunteers and co-workers who will take you through the accessible parts of the building and answer your questions. Follow their instructions and keep only within the spaces available for visitors. We ask you to be considerate and to behave like you would at any other visit and not to endanger other people´s or your personal safety. Otherwise, the organizers reserve the right to escort any individual from the given building. Please note that the entry to the rooftops and other normally inaccessible spaces will be at your own risk.

How much does it cost?

The entry to all buildings and sheets for little architects are free of charge. However, it is only thanks to your support that we are able to work on the festival´s organization throughout the year. Please be so kind and help us make another year of the festival happen by purchasing our festival guide and many other materials that we have prepared for you this year (T-shirts, a diary for little architects, festival diary, coloured pencils, badges, posters, stickers, etc).

If you like the festival, you can also support us financially through the payment gateway Our regular contributors can become members of our new Club of Architecture Lovers.

Your support gives us strength and energy to prepare the next year of the festival. Your support is a feedback telling us that our work has not been in vain and that you care for the festival and are interested in other Open House activities planned throughout the year. Thank you for being with us!