Libeň Chateau

Photos: archiv budovy (Libor Kálmán)

Address: Zenklova 1/35, Praha 8-Libeň
Year: 16th century (conversion of the Gothic citadel); 1662 (conversion in the Baroque time); 1770 (conversion in the Rococo time)
Architects: Jan Josef Prachner

Throughout centuries the Libeň Chateau has undergone structural modifications up to the Rococco form, which we can admire today when travelling into the heart of Libeň. The castle repeatedly hosted extraordinary historical events, housed Emperors, Kings, or Prague Mayors. Today, this representative cultural monument, surrounded by skilfully landscaped greenery of adjacent parks, is an architectural jewel of Prague 8 and also the seat of its Office. If you like, you can book your wedding date here.