Main Point Karlín – Headquarters of VIG ČR, Kooperativa pojišťovna, Inc., Vienna Insurance Group

Photos: Building's Archive, Vladimír Lacena

Address: Pobřežní 665/21, Praha 8-Karlín
Year: 2011
Architects: Richard Doležal, and Petr Malinský and Jiří Hejda (DaM)

You cannot miss this office building on your way through Karlín, thanks to its organic shape and facade with earth-coloured reliefs. The interior is cooled by a channel from the Vltava River and the walls covered in vegetation are watered by rain. During your visit do not forget to take the life to the 8th floor, where you will find the offices of the CEO of the Kooperativa pojišťovna, Inc. with access to a terrace with a view of Prague.