Duhovka Preschool

Photos: archiv budovy (Veronica Thompson)

Address: Cihelná 2a, Praha 1-Malá Strana
Year: 14th century (first references); 1781; 1796 (conversion in the Classicism time); 1857–1858 (late Classicism conversion); 2003 (reconstruction of the complex); 2010 (reconstruction)
Architects: František Antonín Linhart Herget; Josef Zobel; Alexander Hellmich and Kašpar Předák

In one of the historic buildings of the listed complex of Herget’s Brickworks, there is located the Duhovka Presechool. Its interiors have been tailored to small children to encourage the skills development through the engagement of all senses. The classes are equipped with the best educational Montessori aids helping the smallest children with the natural way of learning about the world around us. Come and see how pleasant a modern school environment can be!