Modřanka Residency

park, a model apartment with a demonstration of an installed cogeneration and smart home system

Saturday, Sunday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: archiv budovy

Transport: metro (Kačerov) from there bus (Cukrovar Modřany)
Visiting Method: free entry (park) / group tours of 15 people (apartment)
doprovodný programa commented tour with the architect Matěj Görner, Sat 2.30 and 4.30 p.m.bezbariérový přístupToalety

Address: K Vystrkovu 2, Praha 12-Modřany
Year: 2019
Architects: Loxia a.s. (building), Legner architekt and Bosa architect (park)

Offering a modern housing with all its conveniences, a smart home system controlled through a mobile app, as well as a healthy indoor environment where a system of forced ventilation will take care of changing the air and  its filtration. That was the aim of the project of Modřanka Residency, whose final stage of construction is now almost at its end. By visiting one of the sample apartments, you can come and see for yourself what this type of housing can look like. We have also prepared for you a stroll through the unique Park Museum, which was created in the space between the apartment houses. The co-author, architect Matěj Görner, will inform you about the concept and introduce to you the individual installations related to the history of Modřany.