Municipal House in Ďáblice

the main hall, meeting room, premises of the Town hall, public spaces

Saturday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Tomáš Sysel

Transport: metro (Ládví) from there bus 103 (Kokořínská) or buses 348, 368 and 369 (K Letňanům), bus (Poliklinika Mazurská) from there bus 202 (Kokořínská)
Visiting Method: free entry
doprovodný programexhibition of drawings and photographsbezbariérový přístupToalety

Address: Osinalická 1104/13, Praha 8-Ďáblice
Year: 2018
Architects: A.LT architekts

The quarter of Ďáblice, located on the edge of Prague’s northern part, boasts an extraordinarily large amount of modern buildings that have been constructed recently. There was a new city hall opened in 2018, where you can find, besides the office, a social hall, a post office, and doctors’ offices. The architectural character of this contemporary public building represents the concept of an “open city hall” and creates a highly open space where citizens can communicate. In the building’s close proximity, you will also find Vlna Community Center with a multifunctional garden. A little further away, you will see the quarter’s elementary school with a modern extension, as well as the historically first apartment building in Prague from 1955 and other historic buildings. Do not hesitate and come explore this lively quarter on Saturday!