Praha-Bubny Railway Station

Photos: Matěj Stránský, Rudolf Skopec

Address: Bubenská 177/8b, Praha 7
Year: 1866 (railway station area); 1923 (station building); 2015 (start of restoration)
Architects: Bubny Memorial of Silence author team (revitalization)

For 150 years the extensive premises with many garages and depots were used exclusively by the railways. Now the largest development area in Prague is waiting for its future use. For three years, the Šoa Memorial Prague Initiative has been developing a modern cultural and education centre for recent history in the station building which shall commemorate the unhappy events which took place here during the Protectorate and World War II. Part of the tour „New Bubny Station“ exhibition will present the entire project in detail and also will show the recently completed architectural study for the Memorial of Silence.