The National Library of Technology

Photos: Lukáš Žentel, archive of the building

Address: Technická 6, Praha 6-Dejvice
Year: 2009
Architects: Projektil Architekti (originally AK Architekti), studio hipposdesign – Radim Babák and Ondřej Tobola (interiors)

The Czech National Library of Technology building gained a number of architectural awards soon after its completion in 2009. Among them, one for its sensitive placement in the surroundings. Its location at the heart of the college campus in Dejvice makes it a natural center for education and student meetings. However, not only the aesthetic, but also the technical design of the building accentuating the low energy consumption makes it a very interesting building. Rich accompanying program offers a presentation about the building construction with the architect, commented tour or interactive program for children.