The idea of ​​opening publicly inaccessible buildings was born in London in 1992.

Originally it was a community project to enhance public dialogue with architects, the city council and its public spaces. The founder, and until last year also Open House London director, Victoria Thornton says: “The festival opens up eyes, minds and doors to help the city’s inhabitants get their perception of the environment, design and architecture started. My goal was to create a festival that would be for everyone, accessible for free, because the city belongs to all of us and we should get involved and become part of it.”

The London Festival attracts up to 350,000 people annually and opens around 800 buildings.

In Prague, over 48,000 people visited the festival last year, and we are proud to be part of the worldwide Open House Worldwide network with 38 other major world cities.

Athény (2013)
Barcelona (2010)
Belfast (2015)
Bilbao (2016)
Brisbane (2010)
Buenos Aires (2012)
Cork (2014)
Curych (2016)
Dublin (2005)
Gdyně (2012)
Helsinky (2007)
Chicago (2011)

Jeruzalém (2007)
Lagos (2016)
Limerick (2012)
Lisabon (2012)
Londýn (1992)
Madrid (2015)
Melbourne (2008)
Milán (2015)
Monterrey (2014)
New York (2002)
Oslo (2007)
Perth (2012)

Porto (2015)
Praha (2014)
Řím (2011)
San Diego (2017)
Santiago (2017)
Slovinsko (2010)
Soluň (2012)
Stockholm (2016)
Tel Aviv (2007)
Turín (2017)
Vídeň (2012)
Vilnius (2014)



Victoria Thornton

Victoria Thornton, founder of the Open House, visited the very first edition of Prague in 2015 with her husband Kenneth Allison.