Lucerna Palace

Lucerna Gallery, Marble hall, small and large cinema auditoria (large auditorium only on Sunday)

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (auditoria accessible only until 1 p.m., large closed on Sat)

Photos: Building's Archive; Martin Bělohradský, Vladimír Lacena (OHP)

Transport: metro (Muzeum, Můstek), tram (Vodičkova)
Visiting Method: group tours of limited size

Address: Pasáž Lucerna Vodičkova 704/36 or Štěpánská 61 Praha 1-Nové Město
Year: 1907–1919
Architects: Stanislav Bechyně (project designer), Josef Čamský a Vácslav Havel (project), Osvald Polívka (facade)

Lucerna was the very first passage house in Prague. The first sound cinematograph was introduced here. Josephine Baker, Ema Destinn or Louis Armstrong performed In the famous Great Hall. Originally, the palace held a cabaret as well (Lucerna bar today), a Japanese restaurant Jokohama and a night club called American bar. Get back in time with us and visit the glittery past of a complex of unique architecture which means so much for Prague cultural life and society.