Staropramen Brewery

Photos: archive of the building

Address: Nádražní 84, Praha 5 (entrance from the street Pivovarská 9 – entrance from the Visitor Centre)
Year: 1869, the facade in late 19th century
Architects: Gustav Noback

Staropramen in Smíchov, one of the largest breweries in the Czech Republic, was founded as a joint stock company in 1869 on the site of a future industrial zone, covering 18,000 square meters. After nearly two years of construction, the first batch of beer was brewed on May 1, 1871 and in the summer of the same year this beer appeared on the market. The brewery started using the name Staropramen in 1913 after one of its own brews. From the beginning, the brewery used new innovative technologies. For example, it was one of the first bottlers in Austria-Hungary, utilized artificial cooling in basements, and used fermentation spaces and steam usage in the brewhouse. Brewery’s golden age began during the interwar period, when the ever-modernizing brewery was considered one of the top three elite and largest European breweries. The big boom ended the crisis in the 30s and also ended the war. In 1942, new buildings designed by Ladislav Bartl were built on Na Svornosti street, while other buildings within the complex were rebuilt. After the war, the brewery was nationalized. At that time, the beer was supplied mainly to customers in Prague and its surroundings. After the 1989 revolution, the national enterprise became a joint stock company and its reconstruction followed. One of the largest brews in Europe was installed during the reconstruction period. In 1992 the company Prague Breweries, Inc. was founded and renamed from its parent company, Staropramen. In 2003 the company was renamed back to Staropramen Brewery, Inc. and currently it is a company with limited liability.