Raiffeisen Loan Association Building – headquarters

guest lounge, coffee shop on the 2nd floor, glass elevator, top management offices and roof terrace on the 7th floor

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Builing's Archive

Transport: tram (Biskupcova) / tram / bus (Ohrada)
Visiting Method: group tours of limited size (10 persons)
bezbariérový přístupclient hall, offices of the board, caféZákaz foceníallowed only in the café and on the terraceToaletyobčerstvenívýhledy

Address: Koněvova 2747/99, Praha 3-Žižkov
Year: 1997
Architects: Jan Vaněk and Jiří Kryl

Close to the Ohrada crossroads in Žižkov, Prague, the distinctive Raiffeisen Loan Association building grew in the nineties. If you’ve ever passed it, you could not miss its glass rounded façade. This dominant architectural element also has a practical function – noise protection. The tour takes you through selected interiors up to the green roof, from which you can enjoy a unique view of the city’s skyline decorated by the Žižkov TV Tower! And there’s one more surprise waiting for you…