Support the next edition of the Open House Prague 2019 festival!

Open House is the biggest world architectural event with more than 25 years of tradition, held in 42 cities and visited by 1,850,000 people every year. Within its 4 years of existence Open House Prague festival has become one of the most important cultural event in the capital city, attracting ten thousands of visitors from the Czech Republic but also abroad. Its last edition welcomed 54,200 visitors in 65 buildings.

Although there is free entrance to the buildings, the preparation and setting of the festival bring considerable financial costs. A group of enthusiasts intensively devote their free time to working on the festival together with great number of volunteers. Without you and your support we could not do this!


You can also send us your gift directly on our account number: 2600626911/2010 (Fio banka). During the festival you can support us by purchasing a catalog, T-shirt or a bag. Thank you!

Your finances will help us to organize and make possible the following:

  • educational programs;
  • team working on access to buildings;
  • professional works (e.g. graphics, proofreading, translation, editing, legal and other professional consulting services, etc.);
  • coordination and training of volunteers;
  • symbolic gifts to volunteers (T-shirt, voucher for refreshments during the festival);
  • creation and print of catalogs and promotional materials;
  • management, administrative facilities and operations;
  • attracting other donors.

We would be happy to prepare a gift certificate or gift agreement, please contact Radana Tichavská ( Legal entities may deduct from the tax base the value of donations if their value is at least CZK 2,000. In total, no more than 5 % of the already reduced tax base can be deducted. Individuals may deduct from the tax base the value of donations if their aggregate value in a calendar year exceeds 2 % of the tax base or is at least CZK 1,000. In total, no more than 10 % of the tax base can be deducted.

Become a proud festival partner!

„To discover new buildings bring us exciting and even exploratory feelings. However that is not the most important thing about the Open House Prague festival: Through exploration of buildings from inside, buildings that so far were just anonymous points on the map, allow us to deepen our connection to the city and grow into the place we live.” Magdalena and Petr Hlaváčkovi, festival partners, Architekti Headhand, s. r. o.




Do not hesitate to contact us at and we will gladly present you possible ways of cooperation and create a made-to-measure partnership offer for your company.

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