TESLA Premises

Photos: Leona Telínová

Address: Poděbradská 56, Praha 9-Hloubětín
Year: 1921; 1930 (adaptation)
Architects: Karel Fišer a Josef Bečka; František Roith; Jiří Brusnický; Projekta Praha

Transistor radio, reel-to-reel tape recorder or the first color television… Those are just a few examples of the appliances that were being produced under socialism in the Tesla national company in Hloubětín, Prague. However, the industrial tradition dates back to the time of the First Czechoslovak Republic, when a light bulb and tube factory successfully worked here. Today, the plant serves small commercial and artistic production, and you have a unique opportunity to see both the large industrial hall and the main building, which was built as the seat of the company in the 1960s.