Ústav organické chemie a biochemie AV ČR [The Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry CAS CR] – historical building

Photos: archive of the building

Address: Flemingovo náměstí 542/2, Praha 6
Year: 1929
Architects: Josef Záruba-Pfeffermann and Jan Zázvorka (original building); VPÚ DECO – Ivan Šrom and Kateřina Mašková (reconstruction and completion of the other building); PROSTOR 008 – Martin Rössler (interiors)

The First Republic building, originally intended for the state institute of agricultural research, was designed by architect Josef Záruba-Pfeffermann in the neoclassic style. Its concept is based on the urban design of the Dejvice and Bubeneč regions of Prague by architect Antonín Engel in the 1920’s. At this location, the architect designed a public building which, along with other structures, created a border, the so-called “green strip”. It reaches from Stromovka to Ořechovka and even further to Letenská pláň, passing the current IOCB building.

The massive monumental structure dominates the area with its central section of pyramidal roofing, along with two symmetrical wings, which are further separated into two additional wings. Interestingly, the current roofing was originally planned to be a dome shape. In 2012 a continuous reconstruction of the historical building began and a new building was completed. A special thanks to chemistry Antonín Holý from, whose discoveries including AIDS treatments allowed the IOCB to finance the construction and its completion from its own resources. The modern reconstruction was done very delicately to maintain the historically valuable architecture. The original terrazzo flooring and the railing are tastefully complemented with lights, and the practical meeting rooms are modernized with contemporary furniture.