The Pages´ House of Lords of Martinique

41 rooms on the ground floor and the 1st floor

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Photos: Tomáš Sysel, Radomír Kočí

Transport: tram (Brusnice)
Visiting Method: free entry (max. 20 people)
bezbariérový přístupToaletykulturní památka

Address: Kanovnická 3/69, Praha 1-Hradčany
Year: 1541; 1587–1594 (renaissance restoration); 1666 (baroque restoration)
Architects: Carlo Lurago (baroque restoration)

The name of this corner house in Hradčany originated in the period of emperor Rudolf II, who used to accommodate his varlets here. However, after the original building was affected by a fire, the famous architect Carlo Lurago participated in the early Baroque restoration. By the way, Lurago is also the author of Klementinum. The house has also seen countless different inhabitants – from the socially disadvantaged to children from nursery schools and city clerks, who left the house in 2008. Since then, the historic building has been on a list of empty houses, waiting for its next purpose.