This year’s Open House Prague will open record 65 buildings to the public.

During the weekend of 19th –20th May 2018, the fourth Open House Prague festival will take place, thanks to which 65 of architectonically interesting and normally inaccessible buildings and spaces will be opened to public free of charge. Visitors will be able to see historical, modern and contemporary architecture buildings and visit office or administrative buildings, palaces or railway stations.

We pass them every day, now we can enter where we normally cannot An authentic architectonic experience and a meeting with the perception of architecture by the eyes of the authors is one of the basic ideas of the Open House Prague festival. The event, which is annually visited by tens of thousands of people from the Czech Republic and abroad, can be classified as one of the most popular urban architecture festivals taking place in the capital and connecting lay and professional public.

„This year’s festival will offer several novelties. In addition to the two dozen new buildings that the festival will open to the public for the first time, we have prepared a few new thematic circuits for the visitors, including, for example, the First Republic buildings, the conversion of industrial sites or our personal recommendations,” says Andrea Šenkyříková, the director and production manager of the festival.

Within two days it will be possible to visit the sensitively reconstructed Tenement house by architect Kamil Roškot, a completely new realization in the form of the DRN palace in Národní třída, practically the well designed seat of the IT company in the modern GREENLINE building, the former restaurant of the Brussels exhibition EXPO 58 or original Zátka’s soda plant, now the headquarters of the advertising agency.

„Visitors should not miss the historic buildings of the Clam-Gallas Palace, the Prague Crossroads, the Michna Palace, the Libeň Chateau and the neo-Renaissance Schebek Palace. Among buildings from the 20th century, we must mention Kramář Villa, Hotel International Prague in the style of socialist realism or the distinctive CETIN building from the 1970s,” adds to her personal tips Andrea Šenkyříková.

On the occasion of this year’s 100th anniversary of the founding of independent Czechoslovakia, the festival will also offer twenty republic buildings, including Petschek’s Palace and Tyrš House. Admirers of architecture will be engaged by Villa Winternitz, one of the last contract of Adolf Loos, the fans of industrial style for example by Podkovářská Premises, TESLA Premises or Pragovka Art District. 

The festival information centers will be open to the public from the week before the festival, on Monday 14 May. The information centers are located at the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning (CAMP) and at the Prague Creative Center (PKC), which is located in the historical building of U Zlatého rohu house.

Entrance to all buildings is free and without any registration required during the festival weekend.