Trauttmansdorff Palace

prison chapel, a room with a painted ceiling, prison, laundry room, morgue, dormitory, baroque cellar

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Tomáš Sysel

Transport: tram (Pohořelec)
Visiting Method: tours of a limited size (30 persons)
Toaletyvýhledykulturní památka

Address: Loretánská 180/6, Praha 1-Hradčany
Year: original palace from 16th/17th century; beginning of the 18th century (renovation); 1831–1833 (restoration); 1866–1872 (renovation in late classicist style); 2015–2019 (restoration). Complex refurbish
Architects: unknown

From the Renaissance cellars to the Classicist façade, this monumentally designed complex of a palace provides evidence of the Baroque nobility’s ambitions in relation to art and representation, as well as the later utilitarian interests of the monarchy and the republic. In the beginning of the 19th century, some arrangements were made so that the palace would be used as a “coercive workplace”. This meant that people who were deemed by the monarchy to not be living an orderly, working life were forced to work there. The prison, as well as the adjacent hospital wing, operated here until the 1940s when they were permanently moved to Ruzyně. Use this unique opportunity to see how one of the last greatest palaces in Hradčany, a mute witness of history, finally received some attention and a promise of a new purpose in the 21st century.