Troja Chateau, Prague City Gallery

tower, stables

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Tomáš Souček

Transport: bus 112 (Zoologická zahrada), ferry
Visiting Method: free entry
Toaletyobčerstvenívýhledykulturní památka

Address: U Trojského zámku 4/1, Praha 7-Troja
Year: 1679–1685
Architects: Jean Baptiste Mathey

Did you know that the Troja Chateau is not actually a chateau but rather a summer residence built in the manner of Roman suburban villas? It was not intended as a permanent residence, but rather for hosting celebrations, feasts, and concerts, which is why it was also adorned by a vast garden, a game enclosure, and a vineyard. The imposing Baroque architecture combines with beautiful paintings and a rich sculpting decoration; together, they create an astonishing image. Today, the chateau houses a seasonal exhibitions arranged by the Prague City Gallery and thanks to our festival, you will be able to visit the stables and the west tower, which is usually not accessible, with a study and a view inside the beautiful chateau garden.