Tyrš’s House

selected areas of Tyrš’s House and Michna Palace (staircase, representative halls, gym, roof only in case of good weather and enough volunteers to secure the access, at once own risk)

Sunday, October 28; 10 am – 6 pm (last tour at 5.30 pm)

Photos: Leona Telínová

Transport: tram (Hellichova)
Visiting Method: groups depending on capacity (25 people), last tour at 5.30 pm
doprovodný programtour for children at 2 PMToaletyvýhledy

Address: Újezd 450/40, Praha 1-Malá Strana (entrance from the Újezd street, through the main gate into courtyard)
Year: 1921–1925 (reconstruction of the Michna Palace and construction of Tyrš’s House)
Architects: Ulrico Aostalli de Sala (original Renaissance palace); František Krásný (construction and reconstruction)

Czechoslovak nationalists raised the representative seat of the Michna family from Vacínov in Prague’s Újezd literally from the ruins. The destroyed Baroque site was sold by the capital city of Prague in 1921 to the Czechoslovak Sokol Community, which held an architectural contest for its reconstruction and completion. The contest was won by Czech architect František Krásný, a student of Otto Wagner and a representative of the Art Nouveau style. Krásný managed to carefully restore the historic Michna Palace, but most of all he contributed to the completion of the new building with a big gym decorated with Sokol-themed reliefs. The newly constructed part also included kitchens, cafeterias, exhibition hall, residential space, and a 20-meter long swimming pool (the oldest one in Prague) was built in the basement. The garden and courtyard were transformed into a track-and-field exercise area. The building was named after the co-founder of Sokol, Miroslav Tyrš. Its opening ceremony was held in May 1925 and was even attended by president T. G. Masaryk. During the commented tours, which will take place throughout the entire day, visitors will get to know more about the historical fate of Tyrš’s House and the Michna Palace. The roof, where used to be a sun spa will be accessible only in case of good weather and enough volunteers.