Tyrš House and Michna Palace

Photos: Jana Časarová, Leona Telínová

Address: Újezd 450/40, Praha 1-Malá Strana
Year: 16th century (Renaissance palace); 17th century (Baroque conversion); 1921–1925 (reconstruction of the Michna palace and construction of the Tyrš house)
Architects: Ulrico Aostalli de Sala (Renaissance palace); František Krásný

Literally from the ruins, the Czechoslovak patriots raised the once representative noble residence of Michna of Vacínov. The Czechoslovak Sokol community managed to reconstruct and complement the devastated area. The opening ceremony in 1925, which took place before the famous All-Sokol „Slet“ (mass rally), was also attended by 1st Czechoslovak president T.G.Masaryk. The baroque palace complex has outlasted wars, totalitarian regimes, devastating floods in 2002, and you can now walk through the magnificent staircase of Michna palace.