Open House Praha exists mainly thanks to our volunteers who help us during the festival in the buildings and form an indispensable part of the festival. Anyone who wants to participate in the realization of such an exceptional festival is welcome. Become a member of our volunteer’s team and enjoy the festival from a whole different perspective!

What can you help us with?

  • You can take care of organization of visitors into groups;
  • You can guide visitors in our buildings;
  • You can sell the festival materials (catalogs, maps, T-shirts and others);
  • You can provide information to visitors either at building or at our infocenter;
  • You can help us prepare the festival during a year (text writing, translations, distribution and other production tasks).

What will be your benefits?

  • You will obtain a valuable experience;
  • You will get to know new people;
  • You will learn interesting information about architecture in Prague;
  • During the festival, you will have a priority entry to all buildings in the program;
  • You will receive an original T-shirt;
  • You will receive a voucher for a snack in Bageterie Boulevard;
  • You can receive a recommendation letter from us;
  • Taking part at the festival, entitles you to enter into our yearlong volunteer’s  program that offers many benefits (such as exclusive tours in buildings);
  • We will invite you to the festival afterparty.

You do not need any expert information of architecture or design to become a member of our volunteer’s team. Only interest in topics of public space, urban community and society and excitement is enough for us.


We look forward to you!

The more volunteers enroll, the more opportunities to visit to enjoy the festival program you will have. Help us to address other people, say it to your friends or share it on social networks!

If you have any questions, please contact the volunteer coordinator Klára Veselá: klara.vesela@openhousepraha.cz.