University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague (UCT)

Photos: archive of the building, Vladimír Lacena (OHP)

Address: Technická 5, Praha 6-Dejvice
Year: 1925; 2014 (reconstruction of an auditorium AI); 2015 (reconstruction of an auditorium AII)
Architects: Antonín Engel

The University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (UCT) is located in Prague 6-Dejvice. The campus is shared with the CTU, and has three buildings.

The chief designer of the university campus is Antonín Engel, a pupil of the famous Otto Wagner, the author of the regulatory plan of Dejvice and Bubeneč. In an effort to create a timeless work, Engel applied his own semi-conservative solution to the whole entire district. He constructed the city’s housing block with a radial orbit network of streets and a central square in the shape of a horseshoe. During the construction of the new university complex, the first completed building was the main building of the University of Chemistry and Technology. The foundation stone for the building was laid in the presence of President TG Masaryk on June 21, 1925. In the 1930’s UCT was relocated into newly constructed building A and in 1933, the first lectures were given there. The second building complex was completed in 1937. The campus buildings were made with interwar precision that is evident in the harmonious proportions, quality and durable materials, a high level of craft work, elaborate details, and particularly balanced color.