Water Tower in Letná

library (3rd floor), gallery (4th floor)

Saturday, Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Photos: Tomáš Bartoň, archiv budovy

Transport: tram (Korunovační / Letenské náměstí)
Visiting Method: free entry
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Address: Na Výšinách 1000/1, Praha 7-Bubeneč
Year: 1887–1888 (construction); 2018 (restoration)
Architects: Jindřich Fialka (construction); Petr Hájek architekti (restoration)

After a recently finished reconstruction, led by award-winning architect Petr Hájek (Architect of 2018), the water tower in Letná stands proudly once again. The renovations have successfully preserved the construction’s elements of architecture and handicraft from various periods of history. In the highest floor of the Neo-Renaissance tower, which is where the main water tank used to be located, you can look inside the social hall and the gallery. From here you can also access the outdoor balcony and the monitoring room of the new periscope. The periscope is located in the place of the original chimney of the steam engine, which was used for pumping water. The lower floors, which used to serve as an accommodating space for the stoker and the machine operator, now house a clubroom, a library, and a reading room. Come see how well the reconstruction of this protected building has been done!