Zátka’s Soda Plant – the Ogilvy Company headquarters

Photos: Leona Telínová, Builing's Archive

Address: Přívozní 1064/2a, Praha 7-Holešovice
Year: 1929; 2002 (reconstruction)
Architects: Oldřich Brabec; CMC Architects; Daniel Kupr (façade) and Marek Linhart (atrium)

Close to the Holešovice harbor there is another industrial building, which serves a different purpose today. Don’t be put off by the distinctive red-and-black decorative façade and step in. You might be surprised by the magnificent central atrium, which still carries the genius loci of the original factory hall, where soda water was tapped and bottled. Today it looks more like a cozy living room. You can rest here for a while on your trip to the other architectural gems.