Golden Angel

Photos: archive of the building

Address: Nádražní 23, Praha 5
Year: 2000
Architects: Jean Nouvel

The administrative building finished in 2000 according to plans by Jean Nouvel, was among the first projects constructed as part of the Smíchov district revitilization. Towards the end of the 1980s the area was marked by the shutting down of Ringhoffer’s manufacturing plant and the demolition of the tenement houses on the corner during the construction of the subway station. To deal with the difficult placement above the subway station and next to a historical Jewish synagogue, the architect divided the structure into different parts. The simpler and lower parts stand above the subway station and the dominant, higher, and organically-shaped part reaches into the crossroad. On the street level there are mostly shops, while on the higher floors are administrative spaces. The whole glass facade is a graphic display of an angel from the movie Wings of Desire and with quotes from various writers connected to Prague.

Above the entrance to the subway station is a fresco with the motif of a flying angel from the year 1870. This comes from the gable of the house At the Golden Angel, which once stood in the same place. This sizeable fresco is a unique example of the monumental house insignias of Prague houses.

Thanks to its urban and architectural qualities, the Golden Angel has become an essential meeting point in this busy city district and its signature tower has already become an inseparable part of the neighbourhood scenery.